In addition to fashion, Ralph Lauren brand also includes fragrance, children's clothing, household and other products. his inspiration comes from the American Dream - American families: and from the truck, roadside cottages are branded with the mark of the climate and time; heading the sea from the coast of Maine; driving inlaid wooden wagon, driving on muddy roads; shaved head plate, wearing a sweatshirt and worn sneakers college students crowded into a convertible car. This is the reason we see the United States where the flavor from these designs.

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Slovenské národní divadlo – nová budova (Eurovea) detaily zájezdu

Vánoční trhy v Bratislavě detaily zájezdu

Relaxační víkend ve slovenských a maďarských lázních detaily zájezdu

Plavba lodí po Dunaji detaily zájezdu

S výletem lodí na Děvín detaily zájezdu